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thoughts are running away July 30, 2009

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haha, okay, so it’s july already. july 29. i’m so late in trying to keep this worppress updated. i have so many journals and blogs already, its quite hard to keep them all in check.

so what’s new with chelsea? she’s currently attending a college class. she got a job interview and is oh-so nervous. she’s having off and quite good days at bowling practice. she’s still driving that same white car. she’s looking for some good music. she’s been out watching movies, been out eating food, been out. she stayed inside today for the first time in a long time. she’s alive and well.


haha, it failed June 11, 2009

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wow, so much for summer series.

lets overview the past

may 20: i got my wisdoms pulled out. just the bottoms. it was all right…but a little painful. i still can’t swallow pills, i had to dissolve my pills into water and drink up. yum. food consisted of soups and rice. the mushy stuff. well, everyone likes pudding.

may 22: m’s surprise birthday party. though she didnt really seem surprised. not very eventful….mostly drove around…sat on the sand, eat birthday cake…etc, etc.

may 23: t’s grad party! at natsunoyas. very very rich in asian culture. it was a laidback party, and quiet…

may 24: j’s grad party at rumors…apparently his party beats prom. it certainly does. weird seeing exes and how awkward they get when you try to make conversation. makes you wonder if they could ever function before and how they’ve changed so much. i found a new love of clubbing: cages.

may 27: gyotaku dinner. we got free breakfast at big city diner too. very nice (:

ehh..renewed permit, felt stupid when i took my vision test.

project grad night…saw up! in 3d and regular. loved it….thought it was more on the sad side though. magic bars! yum…


bus rides and more May 19, 2009

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woke up late today, thought i wasn’t gonna go out today, but i ended up having an adventure! left house around 1230pm. you know what is EPIC fail? as i was about to cross the street to the bus stop, THE BUS IS ALREADY GOING THERE. so i’m like OH NO OH NO THE BUS IS GONNA LEAVE WITHOUT ME! and as soon as i am allowed to walk, i run like a maniac. but no. the bus doesn’t get any slower, and the bus goes off with out me. ugh. then i have to wait 30 more minutes till the next bus, plus some guys screamed hey at me and whistled at me. in cars. i’m not the type of person who likes those kinds of compliments. in fact, i find them irritating and annoying. and it makes me feel icky especially of they are older men.

but i got over it thanks to my overprotective brother. anyway, stopped at ash’s gmas to pick her up. as i got off the bus stop some lady asked me, “whats your name?” and i’m such a truthful person that i just blurt out, “chelsea.” and then she’s like, “oh, nice to meet you!” freaked out by this, i walk hurriedly along the sidewalk and pick up my pace. after getting ashley, we go to the bus stop again, and some guy goes, “are you korean?” NO. we are NOT korean, we do not even look the slightest bit. in fact, we are BROWN! koreans are usually light-skinned, so how can that BE that we are mistakened for koreans? some guy and lady comes along and they’re talking to each other really loudly about lunch and the guy touches her face and everything. no, this is not your normal couple. it’s like old people, and they look like they just met each other too.

we see a midget and a gangsta talking.

finally we get to ala moana where i really feel like i need to pee. we go to b&n, but it STINKS LIKE HECK in the bathroom, and its the kind you just KNOW someone is taking a dump. and i hate waiting and smelling stuff like that, so…we leave. we get our books, then go to the bank machine to take out some cold hard cash, then go to shirokiya and finally pee. we get korean bbq sushi, then shop for mann’s present and go to school.

later on, me, chels and a few seniors went to k park’s fountain to film his opening video thing. WAS SO FUN! got there really early and took pictures with the fountain. that’s a pretty cool fountain. dinner @ mcd’s. got home at 10. fun day.


beach day! May 18, 2009

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today was sweet, tomorrow will be sweeter.

woke up, picked up jov. was all salty and aggravated. family problems? maybe. anyhow, i let him be. picked up chels. stayed in car @ parking structure until 9, singing to high school musical music and other songs. went to school, filmed, filmed filmed work for the project!

got a bunch of people down. editing is gonna be a bitch. making the dvd is gonna be the sam. we’ll see what happens.

band cleaning for the third time. apparently i didn’t need to get approval for cleaning this year. i guess i’m considered pro at it. dropped off sax at mothers, picked up some dark chocolate. mmm, delicious. mann drove us to karas’. changed into bikini. wow, the apartment is quite cramped, but nice…holy hell, you have a nice computer!

mann dropped us off at the zoo, wow. haha, reckless driving. fun times…getting lost with five people.

beach time…sun was out for awhile, but then hid from us. not nearly enough sun for a full tan.

now, i feel sick. ugghh, i don’t know if its cause of my strawberry lemonade smoothie, but i feel sick.


church sunday May 17, 2009

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woke up to the sound of my mom hammering something into the walls. probably the towel thing. really woke up at 10:30am. Had bourin cheese (garlic and herbs) andbread for breakfast, then departed for church. The whole time I could only think about my dream, what another strange dream it was…

all i remember about it was that i was going into my room with 1 j, and ended up being with 2 j. you can only imagine what we were doing. woke up in disgust after and immediately wanted to forget about the stupid dream that somehow stuck with me.

church. they need more donations. mom pledged $3k for one year. dang, thats almost half of a private school year. i realized that it’s really hard for me to concentrate in church when my mind is reeling. i don’t even remember what the readings were about, and i only remember what happened during the homily. it was so hot, so hot, and i was wearing a black dress.

imagine my surprise when 1 j is at church, and he tells me that in their senior video, he had hugged the wrong chelsea/y. or something like that. fail. it’s not my fault, but that is strange they recorded the wrong one. sucks to be you!

came home. wow, hwang jini…the last ep is really interesting and not something i would have thought of. she becomes the finest dancer instead of gaining power and becoming the troupe leader. it has made me realize that there are better things out there than power, such as gaining skills for yourself. (of course everyone knows that…love over money, right?)

“she was too great of an artist to be caught in the walls of the troupe.”

“the dance isn’t over, it’ll never be over.”

went driving. getting better.


my lazy day May 16, 2009

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woke up at 7:15 am. realized it was too early, realized didn’t feel like going bowling. as usual. went back to sleep. mom came in a couple of times. really woke up at 10:50 am. started cleaning from when i woke up. watched the family of honor and some of hwang ji-ni, last ep is tonight! yay. amazing finale, hopefully. probably will be.

cleaned cleaned cleaned and found my old cd player! cool beans. it had my mommy’s korean CD in it. wow, lots of instrumental music. i loved it. got lazy after cleaning my desk and room, fell asleep on my bed after reading like 2 chapters an abundance of katherines.

woke up at 6:40 pm again, wow. mom didn’t get mad at me for taking a nap. her and cait finished the bathrooms. looks great. wow, it looks like store shelves and its all in categories. you’re like monica from friends, caitlyn.

korean food for dinner! gotta love meat jun. although its not korean.


graduation day. May 15, 2009

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May 15, 2009. First day of summer.

Wake up, realize its Friday. Get out of bed. Get out, get out, out. Can’t forget today is graduation for the class of 2009. Wanted to stay home, sleep some more hours. But wait, then I won’t have a ride to school for graduation. Got out of bed. Walked around, walked around. Wondered what I needed for today. Screw that. Went to the bathroom, took a piss. Mom’s not out of the shower yet. Back to bed.

“You gonna ride to school with me?” hollers Mother. Opens eyes. Shit, it’s almost 6:30. “Yeah,” I mutter. Walked to the bathroom. Brushed my teeth. Walk to my room, walk out of my room. Look for clothes. Need to wear black and white. Or maybe just black for graduation. Why black anyway? Funeral colors. Weird.

Got dressed, got in the car. Sleep.
Wakes up at 7:45ish to her mommy asking her what she’s gonna do. Sleep, just a little more. It’s decided.

Weird dream. Very weird. Dreamt about performing my sax in a hotel. They hated it. Kept on going. Woman pulled my hair, hot guy saved me. Gave me the keys to his room. Stayed there for hours, he had work. In the elevator, saw Ming and her children. They used the toilet. Felt the dizziness in the elevator. Guy came back, but was crazy. Scared me shitless. Ran, ran, ran…ended up…at saint francis. Hugged some people, dissed some people. Saw sposato in her classroom. Blackout. End dream. Weird dream, right? I pondered at it for minutes.

Ate oranges. Ate nutter butter. A lady walked by and saw me, but kept on walking. Only after I saw what I looked like. Hair was a mess. Brushed it. Ughh. Had markings on my knee and arm from sleeping in a weird position in the car. Opened the door, felt scared about being alone in a parking structure. Got out of car. Took my shit out, walked to school. Saw tomy, tiare, ms. k on the field, practicing their ribbon thing. Half-laughed, half-smiled. Dumped stuff in the band room. Went to mother’s office. Got money, got dark chocolate, talked about ‘sarah-tonin’. Congrats on the graduation, sarah. Thanks for the dark chocolate.

Walked back to the MPB. Sophomores were in there. Wow, they made signs for everyone! How sweet. The leis smelled nice. Chilled in band room, turned up the AC. The dark guy came in, forgot his name. Walked around, was looking for something. Helped him. Found it! Yay.

Lei calls. Find kauppy, its important. Looked everywhere. Wong makes me drop off his parking stuff to my mom. You’re welcome. Go to Nite’s. Kauppy not there. Talk to venzon for awhile. He’s writing brandon’s and chelsey’s letter of rec. Asks me to call him. I leave him a message. He knows how to text, wow. Leave. Go down, see ms kaupp. calls lei, she talks to her. Where does her mom put the project grad stuff? Kauppy says ask ms tracey. Walk to ms traceys office. She’s not there. Walk out, see ms cruz. Talk to ms cruz. Goes to Cruz’s office. Talk about graduation and swine flu and summer scholars and sat prep and scholarships and upper bound and college stuff. She givers me a chocolate. Yum, its that ferrero rocher chocolate thing. Yum.

Shannon calls. “Are you there?” she inquires. “I’ve been here for awhile.” I reply. She asks me to go wait in the band room and i say sure. I talk to Cruz some more. Shan calls again, is pissed i didn’t leave the office yet. Whoops, can’t get the korean mad. Leaves. Runs to band room, gets stuff. Shan is mad. Her mom needs to go back to work! Run, run. Tap on Wong’s window. “Hurry up!” Shan says. Open door, there’s kiana. Drive to ward. Watch a movie. Lei is getting pandas. Yummy.

Watch movie. Angels and Demons. Not half-bad, was intertaining (interesting/entertaining). Got dizzy at some parts. Brandon comes in. Gives him some dark chocolate. Leave to L&L. Mmmm, hamburger. Hello, aunty ann! Goes to wal-mart. They buy leis for the graduates. Mmm, airheads. Wow. Long lines? Self-checkout! Here we go. It works, yay, no problems. Leave. In aunty ann’s van.

Ash calls me. Was in bathroom. Ash calls Lei, she answers, wants to prank her. How mean. Tells her they ditched me, I’m taking the bus. Ash calls me. Are you okay?, she asks. Can’t help but laugh at her gullible-ness. Felt bad. Almost at school. Runs to school, gets stuff from band room. Shoot, everyone’s there already! Wong doesnt see me. Runs, runs runs. “Hello chelsea, hello shannon!” says diamond, whos w/ jon (aw). “Shut up!” i yell, cause ash is right there, then feel guilty. Runs, runs. We’re 20 minutes late. Runs, changes. Runs back. Apologizes to diamond. runs to band room. sets up saxophone. lovely, s isnt here yet. didn’t care anyway. scales. tuning session. plays pomp and circumstance.

suddenly, we’re at graduation. wow, we’re gonna be up there in a year, i think as i play pomp and circumstance for the last time. feels nauseous. ughh. breathe. i need air. my mouth hurts. great.
talk to shan, talk to ama, talk to ryan, talk to gavin. g doesnt care, he’s happy that its the last time we’re playing it. happy to graduate. “aren’t you gonna be happy too?” inquires. “i’ll be happy and sad.” is my reply. shan says it hasn’t hit her yet. ama, the soph-now-jun has to play it for another year. had to start in 8th gr. sucks for her, at least she’ll be pro at it by next year.

graduation, graduation, oh graduate please, already. senior reflections. think about if i were to give a speech. would i? maybe. senior waltz. hey its tomy! and tiare. and sam. with ribbons. graduation, over. class song was like an eagle. wong hates that song. hahaha. done. done, finally. me and shan help wong pass out leis. i am the photographer. you’re welcome, wong. shan leaves/ditches when her mom asks her to get her leis already. im now the photography and lei-holder. man there are like 15 leis left, at least. its getting dark, we’re at 3 leis now, wong. jenny helps, becomes the new shannon.

need to give my leis out. sorry, wong. its dark already. finds everyone, execept brandon and tomy were a little hard to find. ugh. whew! done. goes to stairs, chillin like a villiain. walks up, up, up andrews, sees the seniors-who now graduated leave in limos. wow, trolleys are better, cause you get to be more loud. limos are only good if you have the top thing. then thats awesome.

heard they are going to zanzabar. and shorebird, and a whole bunch of other places. have fun!

dinner? dinner at zippys. calls mom, rejects request. ugh. i am so hungry, so hungry. walks to school. yells at mom for parking so far away. denied dinner. makes dinner at home, mmm, saimin with egg and shumai. kdramas for the rest of the night.